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Re: Special population

I am really impressed with the people at my box; CF Rocks .. i am carer for my brother ( now 60 yo) who has multiple disabilities resulting from brain damage during the birth process; right side hemiplegia, speech problems, communication problems, hearing impaired, epilepsy ect.

I have been doing CF since 2008 and I am kicking myself that i did not think to take my brother before this year. he has been having one on one sessions once a fortnight ( and i do little WODs with him at home ) .

I have watched him blossom:
he does rings rows, he can box jump onto the lowest boxes, he can skip, he has learned to run about and for the first time since i met him ( 2006) i have seen him relaxed laughing, his eyes twinkling as he chats with people, exercises and learns that yep he can do stuff.

for the first time in his life he is being treated as a man! not as a disabled person.

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