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Re: Special population

There are a number of CF journal articles re: serving special populations. cancer, Downs, elderly, etc.

Regarding using the neuroendocrine response (NER) as therapy for individuals, I couldn't agree more. And I have had limited experiance with a couple of individuals with CNS disorders.

Here's some ineducated thoughts.

There is arguably a tipping point for the NER, as can be shown in the differences in the specific hormones produces when comparing Mod training and High Intensity Training.

To reach this tipping point requires, understandably, quite a bit of work from the CNS. In people with desease processes, especially neuro, this could be a double edged sword.

In all three cases of individuals I've worked with, and sort out and paid for the advice from a exercise friendly free thinking doctor on advice on what KPIs to look for.

Fro example, if you're doing some volume training with a specific client, with the goal of pushing close to over training, there is a standard symptoms list that gives you some objective indicator of how close you are to pushing to hard.

You'd want a similar KPI for whatever the individuals issue is.

Make sense?

Also try old google --- Crossfit Parkinson
Or --- Parkinsons and exercise induced Neuroendocrine response as therapy...etc etc.
You'll be suprised what studies you can find out there.

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