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Re: Power clean, warm-up to max

Originally Posted by Lincoln Brigham View Post
Brian may be saying the same thing in a different way but what I see is that your shoulders start a bit behind the bar. The bar loops forward at the start as a result. Getting your hip lower in the start position is fine, but not so that you shift the shoulders back behind the bar. Keep the shoulders over the bar.
OK, I think I did better about keeping my shoulders over the bar.

145 lbs x 3 x 6 (All WFS)
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Set 4
Set 5
Set 6 (since I miscounted and did an extra)

Brian, I've been trying to work on my speed. Unfortunately, I've noticed that I'm thinking so much about making my form better than I'm not even giving it much power.

Also, whenever I think about it, I try to get my scapula tightened from the beginning. I think I've realized that years of rowing has given me loose shoulders at my "catch" (start of the stroke, start of a dead/clean). As the C2 lady describes in one of the Journal videos, the looser shoulders gives more length for each stroke. Good for rowing, bad for lifting. I'll keep working on it, but feel free to keep noticing and letting me know.

The starting more on the toes and then shifting back is pretty complicated in my mind. I'm having enough to think about at the start already between my position, scapula, and not raising my hips first. Is this essential for now, or could this be considered an "advanced technique" and be something I work on later?
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