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Re: CrossFitters vs Decathletes

Originally Posted by LeEarl Rugland View Post
I used to be a decathlete in college (DII) and now CrossFit... I can tell you that I can run 1500M times in the 4:20's, polevault 15', high jump 6'3" and 400M in 48 sec.... When it comes to the heavy weights in CF I find myself behind the top guys, BUT with the body weight stuff and the lighter weight WOD I can fly thru them and my times are competitive with the top guys. I think I could beat most top CF'ers in the runs from 400M up to any distance (still run the 400M in 50 sec, 800M in 2:00, 1 mile in 4:40's and 10K in 32 min). All this without a hugh training schedule.

That being said, I am not a Oly level Decathlete and think those guys are very tough at what they do, but it is not CF. Would love to see one of the top athletes come into the games and give it a try. Then we could end all of this wondering.
How long have you been doing CF and what were your times on various WODs when you first started? How much can you deadlift? C&J? Have you competed at Sectionals/Regionals?

Not related to you, but what people need to understand is that simply having good GPP as a whole is not the same as excelling at the CF Games. CF has a lot of specific movements that not a lot of people do: Double unders, thrusters, burpees, muscle-ups, kipping pull-ups, high rep bodyweight stuff, high rep box jumps, wall ball, deadlifts, C&J, snatch, etc. (most athletes do some of that, but hardly any do all of it). And outside of getting stronger at the movements, it takes time to get good at the cardio aspect of the specific movements.
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