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Re: Dude Squatting 765 @ Globo Gym

Originally Posted by Brian Degenaro View Post
How many have actually seen a youngster stick with basic linear progression/smart training? I've seen quite a few legit 500+ squats from a few kids in my HS, college, and in colleges I've visited, kids who played football and kids who didn't, from "amateur" Olympic lifters and powerlifters, and just the regular gym rat who trained smart. The thing they had in common was they squatted and worked hard at getting strong.

Of that bunch, I have to say that 2 of them are genetically gifted: 1 is a very high caliber Junior age Olympic lifter and the other runs 10.14s for the 100m dash, everyone else, their athletic skills are pretty lacking.
I know some people just like to argue, but you are missing my point. I never said linear progression is bad or does not work, I merely said Westside is better and there is no reason not to start someone with it.