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Re: Why do people hate Crossfit?

Originally Posted by Cormac O'Connor View Post
Coach has said he is competitive in the WODs, even at his age. Granted this was a couple of years back, in the comments section. (and yes, someone called him out then, and he got ****ed). A little proof would go a long way towards validating some of the other claims. If you talk the talk, it really really helps if you can also walk the walk...

And, how to put this delicately, he's giving out a lot of dietary advice that it's hard to believe he is following, unless there are medical issues we don't know about. If that is the case, then of course, he has every right to his privacy.

I have the greatest respect for the guy's programming, character, intelligence and speaking ability, but whether he likes it or not, he IS the face of Crossfit. His politics, his appearance, his own fitness levels...these things all become fair game when you make the kind of public claims he does.

I don't think anyone expects or insists that a coach be the best in their field. Only the most churlish would look at Mark Rippetoe squatting 300lbs for 10 reps at his age and with his history of injuries and say that his program must suck because he's not squatting 700lbs. But it's pretty clear the dude is still training his *** off, and would break me like a twig. Sure, after reading his book, i'd listen to him if he couldn't lift a pencil. But...300lbs is 300lbs! It speaks for itself. If I do what Rip tells me, hey I might have a shot at lifting that much when i'm his age. It commands respect.
I must be missing something here.

Great coaches produce athletes who can accomplish great feats. Athletes accomplish the great feats.

Why is it okay to ask a coach (Glassman, Mark Rippetoe, Mike Boyle, Bill Belichik, anyone else) to do what you expect their athletes to do or to criticize them because they can't? Doesn't it make more sense to see what the people they have coached can do instead?