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Originally Posted by Gus Gallagher View Post
hey jay - how do you figure out cooking time vs temperature? obviously they're inversely related but do you just experiment and see what happens or do you have a system?

love this thread - i've got my normal gas bbq which i live on through summer (and, in fact, most of the year given that western australia doesn't get much snow, or even rain)

have a weber but it's missing a few parts at the moment which i plan to remedy really soon

Depending on the meat and the cut, you can find on line some "guide lines", such as for a pork butt, anywhere from 1 1/4 to 2 hours per pound, so an 8 lb butt might take anywhere from 10-16 hours, each butt smokes a tad differently, hence the motto, "It's done, when It's done"

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