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Re: A little CrossFit humor...

Hey Guys!

OK, I'm sorry I've been offline for the last week... I had the Black Death. Possibly Bird Flu. Well, strep throat, but I felt like dren, anyway.

Anyway, I've set an account up to take donations, the way it works is I send everyone an email, and you respond, depositing the payment for the shirt into the account.

The price goes up slightly with Hanes Beefy Tees, but I agree with Lei, they'll last alot longer. With the Beefy Tee, the shirts are $9.67 each. Getting them in a dri-fit or sport material makes them quite a bit more expensive, $19.50 each.

I can only get them shipped to one location, which means re-shipping to each of you. For everyone in the US, that means $1.85. For Carter, that means $6.20 (US). Sorry, Carter... that's what you get for living on the gorgeous coastline wrapped around outback. If you guys want, we can each deposit $2.11 for postage, that would be how much it would cost for us all to chip in to get one to Carter.

Of those who expressed an opinion, the black shirt with white lettering won out, so that's what I'm planning to proceed with. Some folks expressed a size request, that's accounted for in my quote. For everyone who was not specific, I presumed a large. So, here's how the order breaks down currently, for a total of 33 shirts to be ordered:

Frank Dennis - 8 (L)
Marcus Allen - 2 (XL)
Sara Yates - 2 (S)
Brendan Hurd - 1 (L)
Sean Dunston - 2 (L)
Tim Crawford - 1 (L
Andrew Thompson - 1 (L)
Emily Maisannes - 1 (L)
Dave Matteson - 1 (L)
David Sailor - 2 (L)
Matthew Meyer - 1 (L)
Matt Turner - 2 (L)
Chris Joliet - 2 (L)
Tish Traster - 3 (S, M, XXL)
Carter Jee - 1 (L)
Paul Sousa - 1 (L)
Lei Fei - 1 (L)
Adam Strome - 1 (L)*

*I'm springing for Adam's

So, what I need is for everyone on this list (and anyone else who wants a shirt) to email me at Use the subject line "iPood T-Shirt." Once I have everyone's email collected, I'll send out the link for you to deposit into the account, and we'll get these ordered. If you want to update your sizes, include that in the email. It might change the price slightly, but not by more than a few cents, I should think (unless we get really out there with the sizes). When I send out the link, I'll let everyone know the final price.

What you'll deposit will be:
~ $9.67 (cost of shirt)
$1.85 (cost of shipping in US; Carter, you'll deposit $6.20, or we'll all, including Carter, deposit $2.11 for postage to Australia)

Again, sorry it's taken so long, but we'll have them soon!
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