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Re: Help interpreting lipid level numbers

I am a surgeon but I now specialize in fitness and nutrition and we do quite a bit of cholesterol management for our clients. I can not tell you how to interpret the Canadian numbers but to be honest, I am not a big fan of standard cholesterol testing. The standard testing will miss 60% of people at risk for heart disease. There is a test that is much better which we use all the time, it is called the VAP test. It was developed out of the University of Alabama, Birmingham and it will pick up over 90% of people at risk. It looks at 17 variables of the cholesterol and even picks up on genetic risk factors. The test is reasonable even though most insurances will not cover it. You can generally find online resources that will run it for 85-120 dollars. Be careful though some of these places will charge additional fees for interpretation. I will not treat a client without the guidance of this test.
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