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Re: A Bears Tale

Originally Posted by Richard Vanmeerbeek View Post
Death or dishonor mate I feel you. I went all out, I HAD to get this WOD today.

My first 400m was at 16kph too, then they were 15kph, and the last one was back to 16.5 or something. It's a matter of recovering "while" doing the OHS, I didn't know it was possible before doing it today lol

Great effort nonetheless !

And good work on those double-unders, I see a filthy 50 coming soon, your work will be useful

Part II tomorrow
Yes its Richard 1 Scott 0 Bring on the 2nd WOD!!!

I was doing my recovery from the OHS on the 400m!! Completely the opposite. Ding Ding Round 2
Fran 3:19. Diane 2:49. Elizabeth 5:48. Cindy 26+21. Helen 7:50. JT 7:03. Grace 1.56
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