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Re: A Bears Tale

Originally Posted by Scott Jenkins View Post
5 Rounds for time: 400m Run / 15 OHS 95lb = 15.09

I paced myself so that i would finish in about 13 mins. After round 2 i realised that was going to be impossible. After running at 16kph on the first 400m i was all over the place on the OHS so had to slow down.

Great work Richard i did not realise how good your time was until i tried to beat it, and mate i really wanted to beat you today, it was death or dishonour. I must give Nancy more respect next time. Really enjoyed it!!!

Jumprope Practice

Been doing jumprope (sounds better than skipping), for about 1 month. Its great when i starts to come together.
Death or dishonor mate I feel you. I went all out, I HAD to get this WOD today.

My first 400m was at 16kph too, then they were 15kph, and the last one was back to 16.5 or something. It's a matter of recovering "while" doing the OHS, I didn't know it was possible before doing it today lol

Great effort nonetheless !

And good work on those double-unders, I see a filthy 50 coming soon, your work will be useful

Part II tomorrow
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