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Re: Fulton Crossfitters


"Monday's Jumping Hell"

10 TGU
25 Bench Jumps
50 Jump Pullups
20 Double Unders
50 Pushups
400m run
50 Burpees

Shawn 15:15 (25# TGU)
Lisa 16:45 (12# TGU, subbed tuck jumps for DU)
Nick 17:20 (20)
Brice 18:00 (20)
Rob 18:20 (35 + 1 painful missed landing!)
Brad 19:45 (20)

Nice progress on Double Unders today. Going to alternating SU/DU suddenly made them manageable.

Brad did some extra running...

The quest for the Muscle-Up continues...I made the transition today but the wrists slipped on the rings and rolled over and I lost it. Next, chalk and/or sandpaper...
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