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Re: Looking for C2 Rower in SoCal

Looks like a Model B was posted Friday for $250: WFS

Just hit craigslist hard. Here's an excerpt from an article I wrote on how to automate your CL rower search:

how to super-power your searching – IFTTT. Here’s a quick way to get SMS (text) alerts whenever a rower is posted to craigslist:

1. Sign up for IFTTT (free)- WFS

2. Click on this link for a “recipe” to search craigslist, and they’ll send you a SMS message once a rower is posted- WFS

3. Click on the big blue “Use Recipe” button.

4. Scroll down the next page to the “Trigger” section. Change the “Search Results URL” from “” to ““ (both links WFS)

5. Hit the big blue “Update” button.

6. That’s it! Now you’ll receive a SMS whenever a rower goes online. To turn off these alerts – go to IFTTT and just tell it to turn off or delete the “recipe”.

And when you see a steal on a C2, call/email ASAP and tell the seller you have cash in hand and a truck to pick it up.

Here are a couple of articles to explain how to use IFTTT to search for gear on CL: WFS WFS
CEO, FringeSport WFS
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