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James Taft
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Chris. I do BJJ and I started to get a similar knee pain except mine is at the top of the patella. It feels like a tenderness at the top point of the patella. After doing BJJ for a little bit it will become extremely tender. I started wearing a knee pad and it still was irritating me. I would ice it and take mobic (NSAID) every day. Based on the x-ray and doctor's diagnosis I have patella femoral syndrome. I stretch the heck out of it everyday (3-4 times a day) and have severely limited my strength training and BJJ.

Anybody have similar symptoms? What did you do to get back to pain free living. Do I need to stop working my legs? This sucks.

I have swtiched from CrossFit to light kettlebell workouts with cycling. I think I am going to add swimming as an alternate to mix it up? Any body got suggestions. I don't want to add to the problem.

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