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Ideas for WODs as a no-equipment crash-course in Crossfit?

I'm after some WODs I can do with my girlfriends who wants to see how effective Crossfit can be. She wants to "tone up" - lose bodyfat, I guess.

I thought we could do a 4-week trial of 5 WODs a week (three days on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off) that we repeat each week to assess progress.

They need to be things that can be done without equipment or only the sort of 'equipment' you'd find in a typical park - benches, railings etc.

I was thinking of combinations of:-

Tabata Sprints
Air Squats

But I'm uncertain how best to program the WODs and I'd like a bigger pool of exercises to program from.

Any assistance and advice appreciated.

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