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Shoulder injury from M.E. Oh squatting, mid back injury from cleans, and QL pain?

Ok, I'm a wreck as of late... Two recent injuries and one that never seems to fully recover. First of all, months and months ago I strained my right quadratus lumborum muscle doing squats and after lots of ART work it healed quite well. Unfortunately when I perform heavy back or front squats, I can feel the pain when I attempt to fully extend my hips at the top of the squat. So no pain on the way down but when I am locking out at the top...

Second of all, a couple weeks ago I was doing M.E. sets of 5 on overhead squats and got 205ibs. great and attempted 215ibs. On the fourth rep, my shoulders wore out and I lost the rep hearing my left shoulder "pop" in the process. It didn't really hurt at the time but I knew it would the next day and I was right. Two weeks later it is much better but it is still a bit bothersome when I perform back squats due to the stretch. I can peform pushups and ring dips with no problem. I haven't pushed overhead much but I haven't experienced pain with it, just a bit scared due to instability maybe. I have been going to a chiropractor who has been ARTing the crap out of my left scapula area as well as my pectoralis minor.

Lastly, I have hurt something in my lower trap/mid back region a couple times doing bear complexes. Basically what happens is a muscle or something back there becames really inflamed and makes it painful for me to extend my thoracic spine into the correct upright posture. I assume that it is muscle related but could be a subluxed rib. When it first occurs there is slight pain with breathing. It goes away after time but it seems to be a reoccuring thing so I need to get to the bottom of it. My plan thus far has been incorporating bent barbell rows once a week and supine rows once a week to help strengthen the muscles. Also I have been doing pronated Y's and wall slides for lower traps.

Sorry for the length but hopefully someone can help suggest a few methods to help heal my injuries and keep them from happening again. Thanks alot.
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