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Group Workouts with Automatic Scaling

I used an easy method for scaling volume the other day and was wondering if people had other ideas for quick easy ways to scale workouts.

I am running some workouts for Navy guys (10-15 people present per session) who have failed to meet their fitness standards. For their last session I wanted to workout outside, didn't want anyone straggling way behind, and needed to scale to different ability levels. Here's what I did:After warming everyone up and practicing burpees with them I had everyone do as many burpees as they could safely perform in 30 seconds. Most people got 7-10 and I told them to remember their number; I'll call that number X. I got 15. Then I told them what the workout would be:

6 Rds
X number of burpees
Run ~150m
Rest 1.5 minutes

It worked out well, as most people finished their burpees around the same time preventing any people straggling WAY behind, and, by default, scaled the workout's volume by fitness level.

I thought this was pretty clever and was trying to come up with other objective ways to scale workouts, i.e. ways to scale besides me just walking around and making a quick subjective judgment about what each person should do. Any ideas?
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