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So you would get a discectomy rather than a fusion? That makes a big difference from what I understand. Nothing wrong with a surgery if the alternative is pain. I know how disabilitating that incessant pain can be - it drains you of enthusiasm and fun -- and would certainly have gone for an operation if the pain hadn't largely gone away over time.

The research I've seen relating to the success rate is for fusions and that shows no difference between those who did the operation and those who waited. Of course anything in aggregate is going to blur the individual outcomes. I wanted to have a discectomy but the surgeon said it would not cure the problem as the degree of herniation was too great.

It sounds like you've had this for a while. If there is still meaningful pain after the epidural and if it gets worse when that wears off, then all the exercise in the world is not going to help.

Did you do a nerve test to see how much interference your muscles are getting? My left side is still getting interference even if I don't experience much pain -- my doctor says that if I ever stop exercising, my left arm will atrophy. At present, the bicep is about 0.5" smaller than the right.
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