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Re: Rhabdo... 4 days after Rhabdo. URGENT

Originally Posted by Allen Tluczek View Post
Again, from personal experience, and speaking of trainer-led workouts not MP, my girlfriend can't squat 250. She can do 100 pullups with a band. Guess which one her trainer had her do that landed her in the hospital?
Exactly. 100 reps of anything except MAYBE jumping jacks for someone new to a gym, regardless of their claimed fitness level, is foolish. The trainer, IMHO is an idiot.

As for the rhabdo incidents- more info needs to be gathered. What had folks been doing for the day or two prior? How's their hydration? What's their base level?

If someone did, for example:
Day 1- a wod with 80-100 pull ups of some sort
Day 2- a wod with 15-20 heavy squats
Day 3- a wod with 80-100 GHD sit ups
Day 4- ED visit for tea colored urine, intense pain, loss of sensation in extremeties, etc.

Can we definitively say it was the GHD's that put them there? Or did someone in frustration post- "I just did 100 GHD sit ups and now I'm in the hospital wih Rhabdo!"
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