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Re: Rhabdo... 4 days after Rhabdo. URGENT

Originally Posted by Emily Mattes View Post
Yeah, if a client comes to you obese and overweight and ignorant you have to do more work with them and scale their workouts and bring them up to speed on their knowledge. And you know why? Because you're their damn trainer and that's what they're paying you $200/month to do. If they already knew that stuff and were fit they wouldn't need you!
As someone pointed out upthread, NOT putting your clients in the hospital is sort of a baseline for competent trainers. No matter how out of shape or ignorant they are, you should be able to devise a workout that (a) won't injure them and (b) produces an adaptive stimulus. If you can't or won't, you have no business taking their money.

Is it good for people to research this stuff on their own? Sure. Absolutely. But as I've said previously, when it comes to injuries that can seriously affect people's lives, there's a lot of responsibility to go around. If you as a trainer won't accept your share, you shouldn't hang out your sign.

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