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Re: Fight gone bad (on own)

So what I was able to do was set up three main work areas, the farthest being about 10-15 yards away where the rower was, and the other two being only feet from one another. I was able to keep my log book on a close by bench and after 2-3 exercises/events I could quickly jot down the #'s... was def tough to remember. And then whatever was left during the 1 min rest I would write down.
I was somewhat please, got around 310's for my final rep count, would have liked to have done a little better, def having to keep resetting my watch, writing in a log book, and moving to the rower slowed me down a bit... still very challenging.

Thanks for all the help, maybe what I did can help someone else down the line.
The only easy day was yesterday!
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