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Re: Fight gone bad (on own)

Originally Posted by Rebecca Roth View Post
Letting the possibility that you might not know how many reps you completed hold you back is a pretty weak excuse. Do it to challenge yourself. Do it for the men that died.

If all else fails, you could always video it and count your reps after.
I never said I WAS NOT GOING TO DO THE WOD, I simply said I was worried about keeping count and was looking for advice... CHILL OUT, Saying it is a weak excuse and to do it for the men who died is a little over board. I am looking for advice on completing the work out in a way where I can track my progress for future attempts, not looking for some bogus pep talk from a stranger.

Anyone else out there got any sound advice?

PS don't think people at the gym would appreciate me setting up a video camera.
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