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skip rope 2 min

ten hand stand push ups(i tried ten times)
on the first attempt i did a handstand against the wall lowered my self down (sum what controlled) but could not come back up. lack of strenght was a problem but also i could not keep my feet in cotact with the wall while pushing up. they kept falling down to the floor.
-on the next 9 attempts i did a wall handstand held it for as long as i could and tried to do controlled negativeson the way down.

skiped rope for 2 min

i did sumo deadlift highpulls with 36 kg i weight 70kg

again with the rope 2 min

50 dips ( in 7 sets 15,10,5,4,6,6,4)

2 min rope

time: 25 min

i think those 10 single sets of handstand push ups killed me in the time race. but time is not my major concern. ? how do i progress into doing a hand stand push up?

when i warm up for a wod i do some push kick lunges ( thanks Robb), then 5 slow controlled (sc) pull ups, 10 slow sc push ups, 20 sc broom stick doorway (overhead) squats-i am trying to progrees into doing the snatch but I think i must first master the over head squat first(my shoulder flexibility is poor and i cant hold a bar over head in the down squat position). Is this a good assumtion. and some streching 5 min. is this greasing the groove??? and i end it off with three wall assisted hand stands holding them for as long as i can. i am trying to focus on weak points in my warm up. is this a good aproach to improving on these things? or should i spend more time on them.


my 1 year goals are to do the splits and a hand stand push up in the middle of the room (without the wall of course)
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