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Re: For those that argue Westside is only for the advanced...

Originally Posted by Chris Mason View Post

First, the response you quoted was not directed at you. Read the original again.

Next, I honestly don't care if you are positive about Westside or not. That is not being adversarial, that is just stating a fact.

Since we are clarifying, I should also state that I have no issue with the Olympic lifts. I think they can be fun and interesting. My issue is with their perceived application to things beyond their sport and execution. In other words, the fact someone would want to compete in O lifting is very cool. I respect the best O athletes as amazingly skilled and strong individuals. I think doing the exercises for general fitness as used in CF is cool as well.

Using them for other sports is inefficient and less effective.
And Chris, again, let me ask you why a clean would be less applicable to "other sports" than a deadlift, or a push press less applicable than a bench press.

Obviously I dont think they are less applicable, and, I would love to hear your reasoning as to why they are.