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Re: AC joint and possible distal clavicle resection

So, here's my story.

I hurt my should back in March and have been dealing with it for some time. I tried to let it heal on it's own, which helped. Although, the healing kind of leveled off after a while, so I went back to my doctor. After dicussing my options with him, he gave me a cortison/steriod shot. This worked for about a month and a half. After it started hurting again, I laid off working out altogether.

After a while of insignificant healing, I went to a different doctor to get another opinion. I went through the same motions there. Manual tests and x-rays. No shot this time as they are typically ineffective and are considered just a bandaide. So, he sent me to get an MRI. This revealed that I had no other problems other than what's called distal clavicle osteolysis.

I'll have a surgery to remove spurs on the end of my clavicle to make my ac joint have more room to do what ti does best. I have the surgery next week on the 10th. in and out. 45 minutes.

My injury was caused by poor form on a clean and jerk exercise. My opinion was too much weight for high reps, which caused bad form. I'll be adjusting my overhead movements after I get back from this. 10 months off really sucks. Don't want to do that again.
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