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Re: Scoring in CF Games Comps

Originally Posted by Justin McCallon View Post
With that method (a) won't the top scores be weighted exponentially high since it uses Z-Scores, and (b) in this case, won't the #1 score in each event have a different value? i.e. first place won't always be worth 100 points, or 1 point, or whatever, but may be 120, then 94, then 100, etc?

I think that might be problematic. I guess the total scores for each event will be equal, but I feel like first place should always get the same amount. I may change my mind if I think about it more.
a) I don't think so, and b) you're correct. I didn't envision people looking at the z-scores, just the people determining the winners. If seeing the transformed scores is important, then having the scores make better sense to the readers like yours do is better.

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