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Re: Brock gets Rocked

Tonight I got to do a workout that I've been looking forward to for a while. It's one that's always intrigued me because there's whiteboard space at the gym devoted to it, but only one name up there. It's pretty straighforward: a 1 mile run + 21 bodyweight bench press. The catch is that it's not for time. In order to get your name up there, you have to complete it in under 10 minutes. Tonight Drew and I wanted to give it a shot and we both nailed it. We came in from the run neck-and-neck at a little under 6:30 and shot through the bench presses. I finished in 8:19. Drew finished about 10 seconds before me, but I was happy just to have done it.

After that, we did an 800m run + 15 BW bench press and then a 400m run + 9 BW bench press. All-in-all, it was definitely a good workout, but not a killer. I don't know about Drew, but taking it a bit easy was definitely nice after Karen yesterday.

Next time I do the mile run + BW bench press, I think I can shave quite a bit of time off. I was being a little conservative on the run, because I didn't want to be totally gassed for the bench press. Once I finished the run, though - I found that I recovered really fast and there really wasn't too much impact on the bench. I think I could shave at least another 30-45 seconds by being more aggressive on both parts...
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