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Re: Brock gets Rocked

My driver's license says that I'm 5'6... It has said this since I was 16. There are very few circumstances (that occur outside of a courthouse) that would cause me to admit that 5'6 is an outright lie. Doing Karen is one of those circumstances. I'm 5'5, I weigh 146 pounds, I have short arms and a big head. It's almost as if I was engineered *specifically* to suck at wall-ball.

Enough with the *****ing. Tonight was my first attempt at Karen as Rx'ed. I did a scaled version once upon a time back when I started, but I scaled both the weight and the number of reps, as it nearly broke me.

Karen : 150 wall-ball shots for time
Time: 10:23

I really wanted to break 10 minutes - but I really started falling apart at the end. My form for wall-ball sucks. Between my short arms and my fat head, I have a hard time bringing the ball down to a good 'resting' position while squatting. The result is that I end up holding the ball in the air in front of my face every rep - which is a *huge* waste of energy.

Ugh... Karen blows. End of story.
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