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Re: Brock gets Rocked

Last night I decided to take it easy on my sore-*** calf, which I'll admit became a little easier when it became apparent that everybody else was doing Fran... I don't hate Fran or anything - I just really want to be at 100% if I'm going to give it a shot and I definitely wasn't there.

Instead, I did a light warm-up and then a bunch of upper body work.
  • 21-15-9 pull-ups & ring dips (I was going to MU to each set of dips, but after the first set of pull-ups I was struggling to get even one MU)
  • 4x8 70kg bench press (funny how much harder these are after dips)
Not exactly a scorcher of a day, but I think I may be needing a couple lower-intensity days to let my body recover a bit. My right leg has felt 'weird' for most of a week now. There's a strange 'full' feeling at the bottom/medial side of my quad, my groin was really bothering me doing left-handed overhead dumbell squats on Tuesday, and then my calf cramped on Wednesday. In my mind, these are all fully independent, but I suppose it's possible that they're related somehow.
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