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Re: Brock gets Rocked

Wednesday: 4/9/2008

We did an interesting "musical chairs" type workout last night. The gym was haphazardly scattered with various torture implements including kettlebells, plyo boxes, rowers, climbing ropes, bikes, med balls, d-balls, push-press, etc. Every round started with a group 400-meter run (everyone tethered together by holding onto a length of webbing). Once the group got to the door, everyone would race to a station and start working for 1 minute for max reps/calories. There weren't quite enough stations for *everybody*, so if you didn't find a station quickly, you'd have to wait out the round.

I ended up doing:
  • 24kg kettlebell swings - 29 reps
  • 20lb medicine ball cleans - 27 reps
  • Row - 21 calories (ouch)
  • 42" box jumps - 16 jumps (ouch)
  • 75lb push-press - 32 reps
  • ab-mat situps - 30 reps (abs in pain from L-pullups the night before)

After that, we messed around for a bit with the sleds. My calves were already on the verge of cramping from the box-jumps/push-press, but I got conned into trying a 200-meter sled push. The sled was loaded with 40kg of weight and I took off. At almost exactly the halfway mark, my right calf suddenly cramped. This is significant only because I've never - in all my life - had a muscle cramp. Holy crap do those hurt. I rolled around on the grass for several minutes drooling and muttering in pain before it finally started to unlock. Needless to say, I didn't finish the sled push.

I'll be going in tonight, but I'm going to try and avoid anything that even remotely affects my calf because it's super-sore today.
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