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Just had a turkey dinner with my family so this weekend has been a bit of a gong show. What I had of a bit of a 4-pack is pretty much gone, now replaced by a nice big carbohydrate filled gut and you know what? I don’t regret it at all. I feel much better and I know with a lot of hard work that It’ll come back.

To answer a few questions that were asked, I get about 7.5-8 hours a night, which is actually more than what I was getting. As for water, there are days that I'll drink up to 10 liters (2.64 gallons) of water/tea so I don't think that's a problem. Mono? Highly, highly unlikely.

I’ll just elaborate a bit more, about a little over a month ago I was going hard and felt great. I wasn’t following the Zone at that time but then there was a mass exodus of people going to the ways of the Zone, so I figured what have I got to lose, tweaked my diet a bit and bang, I was in the Zone. That week I also scaled back my intensity. Since then I’ve been having a hard time getting back into things and it’s just slowly accumulated to this. I’ve also been working like a mad man and have been averaging about 55 hours a week since the New Year. I took this entire long weekend off and simply unwound.

Below is my Zone menu, I think it's solid and the only worry that I have with it is that my last meal of the day is a 4-block meal that's about an hour before I go to bed but I’m thinking about having it at lunchtime instead.

A few things have changed to my diet since going over to the Zone. For starters before I loosely followed a “Mass Eating” plan where I wouldn’t mix carbs and fats and I would rotate meals between a fat and a carb meal. Fats were my largest macro calorie, then protein with carbs being the lowest. Now it’s pretty much switched right around. The foods are still the same though. I plan to increase my fat intake this week, as I'm getting sick of being blown over in the wind.

I did manage to lose weight and BF over the past month but I feel too light, small and weak now, which I think is the main problem. Here’s my theory thus far; we all know that CrossFit says to get down to a low weight and lower level of BF so that your overall athletic performance will increase. Now I figure I lost about 5 pounds since starting the zone and that wasn’t water weight or anything like that since the foods haven’t changed. I realize now that when you’re 155lbs, start to lose weight, continue to go as hard on your main workouts, add in some more extra work, you’re not going to have much of a performance increase, and in my case it has had a detrimental effect on my performance.

It’s good to know that my extra work isn’t over the top or completely out to lunch. Regardless I’m going to take it easy and simply with the extra stuff. I took today’s WOD off and plan to start up tomorrow at half the intensity, work my way through it and just take it easy for the next couple days “playing” with the WOD.

Thanks again all for the input. Just getting this out and hearing some other people’s perspectives has got my mind really cleared up. I’m thinking, and hoping, that my theory is correct and I’ll just have tweak my intake a bit, monitor the way I feel more and not let things become a train wreak like they have.
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