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I haven't posted in quite a long time, but my wife and I have been doing crossfit pretty regularly for a few months now. While grappling with a friend, I injured both knees. The Orthopoedic Surgeon says he is pretty sure I have a torn ACL in my right leg and a torn meniscus in my left leg. We are awaiting MRI results. He gave me a knee brace so that I can return to work (firefighter) until we can schedule a surgery. Also, I have ongoing "golfer's elbow" in my left arm.

I have a few questions for those who have traveled this road before. I will also be discussing these issues with my surgeon, but I would like any of y'all who know something about knee injuries to weigh in.

1) Would you get both knees repaired at the same time, or take on one surgery at a time? Bear in mind that I have a limited amount of sick time.

2) I read in the archives that I should strengthen my leg muscles as much as possible before surgery. What exercises could I use to do that given the nature of my injuries?

3) Don't know how bad the meniscus tear is yet. How many of y'all have a torn meniscus and just "live with the pain?" Is that even feasible for people who do demanding crossfit workouts?

4) With the golfer's elbow (which I am having to rest) do y'all have any suggestions for what I can safely do to stay in shape while I am rehabbing post surgery?

Once again, whatever answers I receive, I will be discussing them with my surgeon and PT. I just wanted to be a bit more educated on the issues before my next consultation. I would welcome any other advice or wisdom that you can offer beyond the answers to my questions; also, any words of encouragement are much needed. I am SEVERELY bummed over this and feeling more like I am 73 years old rather than 37.
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