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Re: Oly/Power/Met Con Log

Still training and coaching olympic lifting and powerlifting at a Crossfit gym. Of course that means that with my day job, and my 90 minute classes, there's never enough time to train for myself any more. Had a foot injury that kept me from lifting the better part of 4 months.

Dispite that, numbers I finished with last year:
Squat 455lbs
Dead 550lbs
Push Press 255lb x5

Pretty happy with my strength, and I continue to work met con's in. My favorite right now is something like:
500m Row
8 tire flips
AMRAP 30 or 45 minutes (which ever I have time for).

I have taken to doing low impact met con's but for longer periods of time. Not exactly LISS level low, but lower than Fran. I feel that a good mixture of the strength work I do, and these long/slow met cons makes a pretty good combo.
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