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Re: Your CrossFit Crystal Ball

Here's what I see coming in five years in larger markets
1. The specialized CrossFit gym. There will be gyms that cater only to the elite athletes and those with experience. There will also be gyms that cater only to beginners and "feed" the elite gyms. This could be a seperate facility or both within one gym facility, but different portions of the facility (see #2 and #3). Rogue Fitness Barbell Club is an example of an elite gym that does not allow beginners in, but their CF Gym (CrossFit Grandview) does.
2. Larger, more complex gym setups with top end equipment. Bearing bars, power bars, elite plates, heavy racks, ect. And warehouse sized setups where 3-4 classes can take place.
3. "Barbell Clubs", places where open gym and Oly/Powerlfting take place, will open within these larger boxes for those looking for that environment, as well as for those who can't fit the classes in. Again, these could be within the same gym (Ec San Francisco Crossfit or Brew City CrossFit), or in seperate facilities (Grandview Crossfit, Grandview Barbell Club)
4. Start up gyms will have to innovate and target beginners with good training and customer service. It will not be sufficient to just be a CrossFit Gym anymore. They will also have to pfiler clients from other boxes when the market is oversaturated.
5. More personal training and tailored programming.
6. You will see markets in areas without many gyms but large populations have many more gyms open up.