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I need a partner to set up a CrossFit Box/S&C Gym in Surrey

I'm getting (unless it goes pear shaped) a LVL1 CrossFit qualification in June. I have a LVL3 PT qualification that I've held for a few years and I PT and run Strongman & Circuit Training classes in Chertsey, Surrey in England, not USA.

I'm looking at setting up a CrossFit box & S&C Gym somewhere in the locality.

I have a fairly decent amount of starting gear already...

Power Rack
Squat/Press Rack
7ft Olympic Bars (Rated to 320kg)
6ft Olympic Bars
5ft Olympic Bars
EZ Bar
Combo Bar
Hex/Shrug Bar
Renegade 45* Grip Log Bar
Swiss Bar
Safety Squat Bar
T-Bar Floor Mounted Bracket
Fat Gripz
Inversion Boots
Neck Harness
380kg of Rubber Protected Octagonal Weight Plates (1.25kg – 2.5kg – 5kg – 10kg – 15kg – 20kg – 25kg)
180kg of Rubber Olympic Bumper Plates (5kg & 10kg)
Fractional Plate Sets (0.25kg & 0.5kg)
Dumbbells 27.5kg to 50kg with thick handles
Kettlebells 3kg to 70kg
Woody’s Resistance Bands (Blue, Red, Green)
Prowler2′s Power Sledges
Gym Hammers 4kg, 8kg & 10kg
HGV Tyres, Tractor Tyres, Dumper Tyres & Massive 5ft Tyres
15m Battling Ropes
Farmers Walk Bars
Chin Up/Pull Up Bars
Dip Bars
Dipping Harness
Lineline-USA Power Wheels
Lifeline-USA Jungle Gym XT Suspension Trainer
Olympic Rings
Atlas Stones

I have also got 10,000 worth of investment agreed verbally. I can put in more cash potentially matching the 10,000. The gym/box would have to be in the Chertsey or Weybridge area, doesn't actually have to be in those exact towns.

A warehouse in area costs 12,000pa with business rates of 8000 per annum so we'd be looking at 20k per year plus bills. There's also start up benefits for new businesses that would delay the initial outlay of rent etc.

If anybody is interested can you get in touch. I haven't really got into the nuts and bolts of it all yet. I need to find a person/people first.


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