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Re: Non-L1 Coaches

Originally Posted by Eric Montgomery View Post
Um, yes. For legal reasons all coaches have to be L1-certified. I think it's ok for a non-certified "apprentice" trainer to do coaching under the direct supervision of a certified L1, but there has to be someone there with a certification. That's part of the requirement in addition to paying the affiliation fee. I haven't read the affiliation contract, but I'm pretty sure a gym could lose its affiliation status for something like that.
Thanks for the response Eric! It's unfortunate but there is a gym I know of where the owner is the only L1 cert and he's never around. He's got a couple of kids coaching who I don't think hold any kind of fitness certs especially not an L1. I consider it very dangerous because his programming is about 50% hero WODs and doesn't follow any kind of theory or reasoning.

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