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Re: Intermittent Fasting (IF) Where to start?

Originally Posted by Larry Bruce View Post
It's a slippery slope to an eating disorder, involving frequent changes of restricted intake and pigging out.

I don't know if you'd be planning to cut, bulk or recomp on it. But there are less convoluted ways to do each. The eating pattern creates an obstacle to fitness, though it may be ok if only fat loss or muscle gain is the goal.
Read more about IF. For instance, an e-book by Berardi. Itīs the best analysis of IF I know.

I have been doing it for 2 years.
I have bulked with it, lost weight with it and now I do IF for maintenance.
Training 6 mornings a week plus 3-5 evenings.
As far as Iīve seen it doesnīt affect my performance and it suits me perfectly.
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