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Re: Mike's Mad Log


Began with warm up of 3 x 1 minute of jump rope and stretching.

I finally got out to run. Didn't want to go for distance , so I decided to work on some sprint drills.

400m run with a 1 minute rest between. My times were 1:16, 1:20, 1:20 and 1:19. Fought the wind on the back half of my 400s. I moved on to uphill 40 m sprints, then run backwards to my start point. Knocked out 6 sets of those. Felt pretty good, so I continued. Next, I did 10 lunges with about a 20m sprint ( 4 sets). I finished off this WOD with 4 x 10m power skips....Yeah, the Superman affect wore off by then. lol

Did some extra stretching and pulled out the DIY foam roller.... Hopefully, I can execute my planned front squat WOD tomorrow.
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