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Why so little progress?

Hey guys, a little history:

Started Starting Strength last fall for about 3 months, weighing about 160#. Not very much progress, but still satisfiable. Maybe 135# to 190# on the squat. Guessing because of the diet.

Early spring, decided to join Xfit @ around 168# BW. Did it for three months. Lost about 13# - Barely made any strength gains at all. In fact, my squat decreased to about 1RM 185# from 5RM 190#. I figured I wasn't eating enough.

Didn't do anything over the summer.

Fast forward to seven weeks ago. I re-joined CrossFit, on the FGB day. I got 263 (modified). After 7 weeks of going 3-4 times per week, giving 100% every time (sometimes I feel like my heart skips a beat, and that I'm face-to-face with death), I re-did FGB (modified). I got 275. Is this really an expected gain from CrossFit? I tried to maintain my weight at 170#, so that I could expect SOME strength gains, but I really can't find an explanation to this. At least I should have improved on the cardio.

Can anyone help?

TLDR; Did crossfit for 7 weeks at 170#. Started with FGB modified, score was 263. Maintained weight throughout 7 weeks. At the 7th week, re-did FGB, got 275. Barely any difference. Why?
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