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I thought I posted this a few minutes ago but I don't see it. Must have done it on the wrong board.

I have some pain in my hands and forearm. Went to a few medical people and they said it was tendenitis. Treated it that way but it didn't really help. I read that the problem could actually be in the shoulder or neck. I do feel a little pain in my shoulder. A little nagging pain.

I went to a sports doctor and he didn't know what was going on. I mentioned I had a muscle imbalance in my shoulder(knuckles point forward) and my internal rotators were stronger than my external. He said my shoulder was tight. Also, when I rotate my arm I hear a popping in my shoulder and somewhere in my forearm. Could my imbalance be causing an impingement? Are impingements permanent? As for as I can remember, the pain in the hands and forearms started when I started my summer workouts. I don't have access to equipment so I went on a pushup binge. Within a week, I noticed the front of my shoulders getting bigger. Pain came shortly after.

The doctor gave me an order for physical therapy but all the PT people around here are pathetic. I have a book by John Berardi that gives workouts for people with imbalances, I might follow that for awhile and see what happens.

This has been bothering me for about 2 months and I've been to several doctors. I've learned that a lot of doctors are clueless. Any suggestions?


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