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Re: My Sports Med Dr Advice on Tennis elbow

Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
Good stuff. Here's my list that has a couple things your guy didn't include:

1. Rest. Especially if it's overuse.
2. Ice after any use & when sore. 15-30 mins per sessions for couple times a day.
3. Stretch flexors, strengthen extensors *until* pain subsides (medial epicondylitis). Then strengthen everything (my pref = rice bucket)
4. Self massage... cross friction and myofascial release the whole forearm & upper arm
5. Anti-inflammatories/NSAIDs. Fish oil is a good one.
6. Stay away from painful exercises. Period. It hurts, you're done.
7. Light eccentric exercises tend to help
8. + joint/cartilage health supplements like glucosamine & chondroin sulfate, MSM, shark, etc. Might be a good idea to start eating the cartilage and tendons off your meat too.
Our PT here gave me a recipe for a nice cold pack that stays malleable versus solid.
I haven't actually tried it. So, I don't know how well it works.

- 50/50 water & isopropyl alcohol mixture placed in a freezer bag
- Freeze a couple of hours and presto!
- Refreeze, as needed
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