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Should I do more than the WOD?

I was taking a look at one of the websites from a local Box and noticed they posted a Strength workout in addition to the daily WOD. I've been doing Crossfit for a little over 7 months, and I'm comfortable with all the movements now to really go after the WODs (usually scaled to the Pack) from this site and shoot for time. My problem is that my my workouts now last 10-20 minutes. Could or should I be working on other movements before or after the WOD?

I'm not particularly beat after the WODs, as in I feel I could physically handle working on another skill during the same gym session. I'm just curious what other people might recommend. My goal for doing extra work is mostly to improve my form in the complex lifts like cleans and snatches. Increased strength in these lifts would also be helpful. I'm mostly worried that I'll work on something and have it come up in the next WOD. So I suppose focusing more on form would serve me better. I do complete a warmup and stretch before the WOD, but it isn't very intense.

In sum: What do you guys do, if anything, in addition to the WOD?

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