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Setting up Group Programming

I am currently in charge of training a large group of soldiers and I am trying to figure out the best way to set it up based on training levels. My programming is pretty much based on strength since that is what most people lack and can most benefit from. This is a long term plan, I don't really expect anyone to get to the Advanced Level during my time though. Here is what I have so far.

White (Novice) = GSLP
White+ (Novice)= 70s Big S&C
Grey (Intermediate)= Texas Method
Black (Advanced)= Conjugate CF or 5/3/1

There is conditioning throughout of course. I am also planning every 6 months or so to do an Olympic Lifting cycle from Catalyst Athletics. Gymnastic work would be worked in but only once there is a solid base of Push-ups, Dips, Strict Pull-ups/Chins. Then on Saturdays we would go 15+ minutes on the Metcon or work in our Foot Marchs. The Conditioning Work (WODs) would typically be under 12 minutes about 50% would be Sprints, and the rest Crossfit WODs. If anyone has any input that would be great, especially if you tried this, or tried doing something similar. Also if there is a better way to do an advanced program with at least 3 Conditioning Workouts that would be great. Thanks.
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