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Re: Possible cause for foot turned outwards (Steven Low please read).

I'm discovering more things now.

First, I will say that although a couple of months ago, after rolling my piriformis 2-3x/day with a tough ball, I got rid of the trigger point I had there, BUT, I never ever decided to stretch those hip rotators. I think this was a bad idea.

You see, all the piriformis stretches I've found produce the following result: I'm more flexible in the RIGHT side (the one externally rotated) than on the left side! It makes no sense to me. But I think I was wrong to think this way. I think maybe as my right glute was weaker and lenghtened from years of sitting cross-legged, it was more flexible, and since the piriformis is right there under the glutes it's hard to stretch them without also stretching the glutes. I discovered just last night that I should have stretched the piriformis even when I seem to be more flexible on the right leg!!. Here's why:

While laying in bed facing the roof, I can turn my left leg inwards and touch the bed with the big toe. I cannot normally do it with my right leg. But after stretching the piriformis, I could do it. And yes, in this stretch the right leg gets much more ROM than the left. I know, makes no sense.

So maybe I have to now get obsessed with stretching that muscle 2-3x/day like I got obsessed with rolling it with the ball a few months back. Maybe it will do the trick.

I noticed something odd too: when I internally rotate the left leg, while laying in bed facing up, I see my left thigh only internally rotating, but it doesn't raise up (from my point of view, laying down, chin to my chest so I can see). But when I try to internally rotate my right leg, the right thigh comes up higher! I can definitely notice quite a difference. What on earth could this mean!?
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