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Re: Correcting an Air Squat

Originally Posted by Jameson Detweiler View Post
I think he's overstating things to make a point, but I want to get my Tabata up to that level. It's a goal of mine to nail form on all of the basics. (I'm actually making a list of all the recommended "baseline" performance from Journal articles and other sources.) Maybe I'm going above and beyond, or too far, but it seems to me that having a a great understanding and feel for the fundamental movements will help in the long run. I'm not letting it hold me back, but I'm interested in it both to improve my performance and to gain a better understanding.
I think Glassman's definition of "mastery" is different from that of people who coach lifters, including world class lifters. I guess it depends on your goals.

As for the overhead squat, that one in particular is *very* different with weight. The need to control even a light weight makes it much more challenging, and will demonstrate errors that you'd never notice with PVC.

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