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Re: Pre-workout Nutrition and Energy/Performance Problems

Originally Posted by Devin Reed View Post
True, there could be a ton of things going on that caused today to be particularly bad in the gym. I feel fine otherwise today. I do notice that I'm hungry, feel sluggish, etc., a lot during workouts (other than fatigue from the WOD). It's hard to list everything I eat because I get bored often and try to mix it up as much as possible. Chicken, pork, vegetables, dairy (trying to cut back on this), read meat, protein powder.

I guess I'll just look through the forums and figure out what else to eat. Thanks for the help!
If you're often hungry and sluggish, either you aren't eating enough generally, or there's something wrong with your macronutrient ratios. For instance, many people on paleo diets get very few carbs. That can lead to glycogen depletion and low blood sugar, which in turn can affect energy levels and, in extreme cases, even cause dizziness and fainting.

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