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My crossfit addiction...

Well I guess it is time to post, I was voted athlete of the month at Crossfit Campbell, the box I workout at. Here was a quick thing I wrote:

As I looked at pictures from my brother’s wedding last October I had enough. I was 230lbs, I felt like and had the energy of a sack of potatoes. Just a few years ago I was 170lbs racing cars in a professional series. In high school I was part of the Junior Olympic cycling team. I decided to start working out with a personal trainer two days a week and a group of other racer’s two days a week in a circuit class.
By January I had lost 15lbs and was starting to get hooked on fitness again. I was looking for more of a challenge and found out about Crossfit. I did some research and came across Courtney’s website for Crossfit Campbell. I still remember showing up for the first session and having both LeeRoy and Courtney ask me multiple times, “are you sure about this?” LeeRoy introduced me to the 7am session and we started warming up. It was 6:45am and most of the class was already there. At the circuit class I used to do, we would be lucky if half the people would show up at all. After the free trial week I knew I had found a great place. Our 7am group has a lot of energy and a very good mix of personalities. Courtney is a great trainer, leader, and sometimes he must think, a cattle herder. As our group has evolved he has introduced new techniques, skills, and training concepts. I have also enjoyed being able to use my fabrication skills and help him build several pieces of equipment for the studio.
Now in fourth month with Courtney and Crossfit Campbell I sometimes do not believe just how much I have changed. I have lost over 40lbs since October! We are starting to cycle through some of the workouts that we did in February and the comparisons are amazing. In one workout last week I was able to use 40% more weight and completed the workout 30% faster. I am very grateful for Courtney and the Crossfit Campbell family, without them I would not have been able to make the changes I have made. I have so much more energy and confidence to help me with work, family and racing.

The first pic is from last year at my brother's wedding, the second was taken yesterday. For all of you starting on your journey to get more fit, if I can do it, you can do it.
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