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Re: CF Cycling Jersey...Its Finally Happening

Hey, new poster here. I am a road bike racer turned new CrossFitter due to starting professional school, but hoping to race a little in the late Fall/Spring anyways.
I was in charge of team clothing for a collegiate cycling team for three years that used Champion System because of their price, small order minimums and supposed fast turn around time. Not getting into the details, their stuff is inexpensive because it is cheaply constructed, their staff isn't the most courteous and their fast turn around time was the same slow turn around time as every other bike clothing supplier I've ever heard about or used.
All that aside, I would be game for a CrossFit jersey if it didn't look anything like that of Rock Racing. Retro or plaid or some other cool design would be pretty aight, but, in the cycling world, IMHO, imitation is only flattering when you are going fast because you are imitating the day job Cat 1s or the immortal pros.
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