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Re: A full Murph!

Originally Posted by Jennifer Forman View Post
Nice work Bob! Just making it through Murph is an accomplishment!

Switching from assisted pull ups to unassisted will definitely stretch your WOD times out, but that's not something to be ashamed of! It was a hard transition for watch your Fran time progressively get shorter and then BAM! You take away the assitance band and your time creeps back up. Just remember that doing the workout as prescribed is an accomplishment no matter what your time is!
Missed your comment, sorry!

Yes, it can be annoying when you remove a sub and the time goes up, but that's more of an accomplishment than a faster time in my book. For instance, today I'll be doing my HSPUs with my feet higher than ever, and I know it's going to kill my shoulders, and my head is going to fill with blood and pop like a pimple, and my time will be slower than if I did them like I used to. However, my shoulders will be stronger for it, which will end my near-stagnant Press strength in the CFT! Bonus!
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