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Re: A full Murph!

Originally Posted by Andy Gann View Post
I'm sure most of us had the same thought. I know I did.

IMO - burpees are like a gut check. After every little set (5 or 10 or whatever) you feel like you can't do anymore but, after a little rest you can always bang out another set.

Think you can hit sub 20 min?
Well, my HSPUs will be a variation... I've moved the bar pretty high, almost shoulder high now, and rest my feet there.... so I'm getting close to straight HSPU, but not yet. Sub 20? Hmmmm... don't know? How'd you do? I think I'll be able to keep a good pace until the burbees, like most folks. I've got some DOMS from Murph in the quads, but everything else feels pretty good today. Sub 20, eh? It's a goal I guess...
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